The Best Essay Topics and Ideas

For a lot of people, writing an essay is not as difficult as choosing an essay topic to write on, except in a few cases where you are already assigned a topic. When asked to select a topic, people naturally incline towards a topic that interests them or ones that they have passion for.

While it is an acceptable practice, experts believe that there are certain topics better suited for specific categories. You should know what type of essay you intend to write before attempting to choose a topic. We have highlighted a few essay topics to choose from below.

College Essay Topics

These types of essays are useful when applying to college. It would be in your best interest to write in such a way that shows off your best traits and characters. Also, choose a topic that allows you to express yourself adequately. Check out these topics and choose one that best suits you. 

  1. Write about an accomplishment that gave you the most pride, and why that one?
  2. Write about one of your long-term goals, why you have that goal, and how you intend to carry out the purpose.
  3. Describe a unique trait you have. Is it natural, or did you develop it?
  4. Talk about what you are most passionate about and what inspired that passion.
  5. Talk about a set back you experienced that made room for more significant progress. Describe it and mention the lessons you have learned from it.

Essay Topics According To Their Category

Since the topic of your essay has a lot to do with the style, you should know the various forms of essays. These styles are basically into four parts:

  • Persuasive writing: This essay essentially allows you to write on your opinion concerning a particular topic. The idea is to discuss and defend your opinion. Argumentative and research essays are also classified under this category.
  • Expository writing: These essays inform the readers about a topic, no arguments, or persuasion. Research, Informative essays, and Cause & Effects fit into this category.
  • Narrative writing: The writer is required to narrate or describe an event or happening or a person from the writer’s perspective. It involves a process, usually chronological.
  • Descriptive writing: Here, the writer has a free hand on writing. The creative part of you should come alive in this writing. Just describe an idea coherently and make it as captivating as possible. 

Now that we have a good understanding of how to choose essay topics, here are a few examples of essay topics according to their categories.

  • Cause and Effects essay topics: What is the effect of junk food on the human body? Can overall cognitive ability be improved by learning a new language?
  • Narrative essay topics: Tell a story about an event that made your childhood stand out. Describe an unforgettable adventure.
  • Informative essay topics: Write about how a wristwatch is made. Explain how the trumpet works.
  • Expository essay topic: How does music affect the brain? From the viewpoint of psychology: Do parents have to be strict on their children?


Writing an essay is not such a difficult task if you have a good understanding of the types of essays and topic examples. With help of a professional service and examples we have provided above, you will find it easy to write my paper today. Online experts are always there for you to make your academic writing easier.