Top persuasive Speech topics and ideas

Writing a captivating and persuasive speech requires the right topic choice. The topic should be engaging, compelling, as well as informative to the audience. Select a conversant heading and objectively discuss its opinions and any arguments that might arise.

Choosing a topic for the speech

consider factors like familiarity, use of visuals, speaker, and audience interest before selecting a topic. Go for a relatable topic, preferably emotional issues that will result in the desired outcome. Avoid headings that are common as the audience may lose attention along the way; instead, try sensitive topics as they may be persuasive to the audience.

Persuasive speech topics

The topic used not only depends on the targeted audience but also on how knowledgeable one is in the chosen field. Substitute the words to come up with a heading that one is conversant with, and the audience will be fully engaged. Sources of such topics and what form a discussion under them include social media, radio, or newspapers. Various headlines are available and the heading that can be under them including:

  • Animals – Should wild animals be tamed? Should zoos and aquariums be closed?
  • Art and culture – Should graffiti be considered an art? Should learn a music instrument be made mandatory in schools?
  • Automotive – One can consider areas like are sports cars dangerous? Should cyclists and use the same road with cars?
  • Business and economy – Can introverts be good leaders? Should interns be paid? Should tipping in restaurants be made mandatory?
  • Education – Being a vast topic, one can seek an answer to questions like, is higher education overrated? How can bullying be stopped in institutions? Should mobile phones be legalized during school hours?
  • Ethics – The speaker should seek to answer the questions of what is morally right or wrong and give opinions on whether prostitution should be legal. Do the medical reasons for marijuana make it legal? Is there a valid reason to declare war?
  • Health – Having different perspectives on this topic requires one to have the potential to discuss issues like how one loses weight by dieting? Is meat consumption a health hazard?
  • Law and politics – The two go hand in hand; hence, cases like voting should be made necessary, so will fixing housing reduce poverty?
  • Media and technology – Should media promote beauty standards? Does the press have too much freedom? Is technology connecting or isolating people?
  • Science and environment – Includes topics like, should smoking in public places be banned? Should cycling be mandatory?
  • Sports – Should doping be allowed? Should all students be taught how to swim?
  • World peace – Topics here range from the safest country in the world to whether the idea of peace on earth is naïve.

Choosing the topic should be followed by the following;

  • Research thoroughly
  • Think about the various views and opinions
  • Be flexible to suit the target audience
  • Be credible throughout the presentation. Achieve this by being conversant with the entire topic at large. One should know if they have personal experience in that particular area and for how long, how qualified one is, their contribution to the topic, and how they are involved in the field.

As much as it is a hard task to choose a persuasive argument, being aware of one’s potential and the target audience simplifies everything. Choose a topic that you can easily argue out, and one can give their various opinions. Having this in mind makes the presentation of the speech easier, leading to desired results. Having a good helper by your side increases your chances to write an excellent paper by several times. To make sure your choice is right, check out assignmentgeek review first.

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