Topic Ideas for a Persuasive Essay

There are high chances that you are going to encounter this type of essay writing at some point in your life. In a persuasive essay, you propose a contention, which you have to defend, using a convincing language and proof. In this kind of essay, you have to state your position on the matter, whether you are for it or against it. For a good article, you need to select a subject that you are passionate about and one that you find exciting. Choosing a familiar topic helps you to articulate your points clearly.

You tutor will most probably give you instruction on how your essay should look like and its contents. But, if you have the freedom to choose a topic of your choice, this essay will give you the best topic ideas. With the many ideas you are able you come up with, at times, it may become difficult to settle on an appropriate one. Below are some guidelines and the best topic samples.

Educational essays

When it comes to education, ideas are limitless. There are many opinions on how the educations sector can thrive and ways in which academic administrators and teachers can do to achieve it. Below are some few topics ideas you could use:

  • Should schools teach sex education?
  • Should school cafeterias serve red meat and soda?
  • Is it necessary for all students to proceed to college?
  • Is learning foreign languages necessary in schools?
  • Should the government make college education free?
  • Should arts and music programs be mandatory in school?

Political essay

Politics can be a hot topic because it is generally biased and considered not polite. The many radical ideas make politics a suitable theme for your persuasive essay. Here are some topic suggestions:

  • Do protesters pose a threat to public safety?
  • Why should I vote?
  • Do people have the express right to practice religion?
  • What do you understand by the term fake news?
  • How can we solve the problem of unemployment?
  • Do we need a female president?
  • How can we solve the immigration problem?

Legal and crime essays

We cannot wish away crime in any society. What are the reasons for increasing crime rates, and what should we do to reduce it? Take a look at the following topics.

  • Is my privacy guaranteed?
  • Should the government relax the restrictions against firearms?
  • Is the death penalty still necessary?
  • Are the rehabilitation and correctional systems effective?
  • Who takes responsibility for autonomous vehicle accidents?

Health essays

All of us are conscious of our health. Whether it’s the health of our friends, loved ones, or ours, there is a lot of content you can research on and make an argument. Such include:

  • What do we need to do to combat opioid addiction?
  • How should institutions handle palliative care?
  • What is your opinion on paternity leave?
  • Should maternity leave increase from 3 months to six months?
  • What is the best way to handle PTSD?

Miscellaneous essays

We cannot exhaust essay topics available. Here are other additional subjects you may find interesting:

  • What are the benefits and limitations of traveling?
  • What is the impact of social media on society today?
  • Should the relevant authorities ban music with offensive content?
  • Should expectant women park on handicapped spaces?
  • What is your opinion regarding the high number of people watching reality TV shows?

Whether you are in the university, college, or high school, you will, at some point, need to write a persuasive essay or speech. Having the ability to write a persuasive essay will come in handy as you advance in your career. The above guidelines are a sure way to writing the best persuasive essay.

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